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Bumo onnanpōkyō chūge 佛説父母恩難報經 註解

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Title:Bumo onnanpōkyō chūge 佛説父母恩難報經 註解
Annotated Commentary on the Sutra on the Difficulty of Reciprocating the Kindness of Parents
Authors:Tōrei Enji 東嶺圓慈
Keywords:Fùmǔ ēn nánbào jīng 父母恩難報經 (Sutra on the Difficulty of Reciprocating the Kindness of Parents), T 16 no. 684, sutra commentary by a Japanese monk, Rinzai Zen, Tokugawa period, filial piety, family reverence
Date Issued:Feb 1788
Publisher:Masuda Genpei 増田源兵衞
Abstract:Woodblock edition of the work written by Tōrei. Both the original manuscript and this woodblock edition are kept at Hōrinji 法輪寺, a temple in Kyoto also popularly known as Daruma-dera 達磨寺. For a description of this work in modern Japanese see
The manuscript was completed in 1770 (Meiwa 明和 7) and the woodblock edition was printed in 1788 (Tenmei 天明 8). A copy of this text was made in 1936 by Kōhō Zennō 江峰禪能 (1909–1959), the 15th abbot of Reisenji 齡仙寺.
An English article on this sutra can be found at
Rights:Free of rights, since the author Tōrei Enji (1721–1792) lived in the eighteenth century.
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