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Meditation Sutra of Dharmatrāta

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Title:Meditation Sutra of Dharmatrāta
Dámóduōluó chánjīng 達摩多羅禪經, Ming edition
Yogācārabhūmi (Yǔjiā zhēluó fúmí 庾伽遮羅浮迷)
Stages on the Path of Cultivation (Xiūxíng dàodì 修行道地)
Authors:Buddhabhadra (Fótuóbátuóluó 佛馱跋陀羅), Tripiṭaka Master (translator or compiler)
Chinese Buddhism
Indian Buddhism
LC Subject Headings:BQ9399.E597
Date Issued:1551
Publisher:Based on the edition from Nánjīng Lǐbù cíjì qīnglìsī 南京禮部祠祭清吏司, reproduced as Dà Míng chóngkān Sān Zàng shèngjiào (pǔtōng gǔjí) 大明重刊三藏聖教(普通古籍).
Abstract:Meditation treatise in seventeen sections. Its Preface is attributed to Huìyuǎn from Lúshān. Although the Taishō edition of this text (T 15 no. 618) does not explicitly mention Lúshān Huìyuǎn 廬山慧遠 (334–416), this attribution is made clear in the Chūsānzàng jìjí 出三藏記集 (Compilation of notes on the translation of the Tripiṭaka, T 55 no. 2145) by Sēngyòu 僧祐 (445–518). This source quotes the whole preface (65b22–66a23) except the last explanatory sentence. The first eight sections detail breath counting meditation (Ⓢ ānāpāna-smṛti Ⓒ ānnàpánnà niàn 安那般那念). The next four sections focus on the contemplation of impurity (Ⓢ aśubha-bhāvanā Ⓒ bújìng guān 不淨觀), and the remaining sections address various other practices.
Description:See the commentary on this text by the Japanese Rinzai Zen teacher Tōrei Enji 東嶺圓慈 (1721–1792) published in this collection:
Rights:This version, first published in the years 10-15 (1412-1417) of the Yongle 永樂 era during the Ming Dynasty is copyright free. It was then reprinted in 1551 (Jiājìng 嘉靖30). The physical copy of this edition is kept at the National Library of China in Beijing (索书号 t3987). Its digitized version was purchased in 2019 and made available to the public in electronic form in 2020.
CC0 1.0 Universal
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