Rapa Nui Journal 5#4, Winter 1991

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dc.date.issued 1991-01-01
dc.description.abstract <p>Content:</p> <p>Lost Islands Cruise by Georgia Lee</p> <p>Has the British Museum a "stolen friend" from Rapa Nui? by Steven Roger Fischer, Ph.D.</p> <p>Reviews</p> <p>Easter Island Foundation News</p> <p>Tonga's Trilithon: A calendric device to mark the seasons? by Jeffrey Dhyne</p> <p>Petroglyphs inside Orongo's houses, Easter Island by Robert R. Koll</p> <p>Radiocarbon Dates from Site 10-241, Easter Island by Christopher M. Stevenson, Ph.D.</p> <p>What's New in Polynesia</p> <p>He Parau 'Api</p> <p>Preservation Project: Easter Island by Dr. A. Elena Charola</p> <p>Some thoughts on Rapa Nui tourism and its impact on the island's cultural heritage by R. Morales Montero</p> <p>Tiki lights by Marcia Opal</p> <p>Hotu Matu'a: What's in the name? by W. Wilfried Schuhmacher</p>
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dc.subject Rapa Nui
dc.subject Easter Island
dc.title Rapa Nui Journal 5#4, Winter 1991
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