Rapa Nui Journal, 3#2 Summer 1989

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dc.date.issued 1989-01-01
dc.description.abstract <p>Rapa Nui Sculptures Tour the United States</p> <p>The Anthropological Background of Easter Island by Jose Miguel Ramirez Aliaga</p> <p>Experimental Archaeology in Rock Art by Sidsel Millerstrom</p> <p>Karl Schanz's Calendar Stone (Part 2) by William Liller</p> <p>Supreme Court Recognizes the Consejo de Ancianos</p> <p>Two Noes on the Rapanui Language by Wilfried Schuhmacher</p> <p>Study of East Island Children</p> <p>Canadian Scientists Visit East Island</p> <p>Report on Efforts for Biological Control of Flies and other Insects on Easter Island by Renato Ripa</p> <p>Expeditions and Exhibitions</p>
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dc.subject Rapa Nui
dc.subject Easter Island
dc.title Rapa Nui Journal, 3#2 Summer 1989
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