Stanley Kaizawa Collection


The Stanley Kaizawa Collection at the University of Hawaii at Manoa Library, Asia Collection Department consists of the three groups:

The first group includes 135 items (3,350 pages) of English translations of Kabuki play scripts that were censored by the Allied Forces in Japan after WWII. They contain the censors’ comments and notations on the scripts.

The second group includes three photo albums containing 360 photos and 14 pieces of ephemera. The donor, Stanley Kaizawa, took most of the photos while he was stationed in Japan from 1945 to 1949.

The third group includes audio tapes of Dr. James Brandon interviewing Stanley Kaizawa. Dr. Brandon was a professor of the UHM Theatre & Dance Department.

The censored English translations of Kabuki play scripts and the photo albums were donated by Stanley Kaizawa between 2000-2001. The interview tapes were added in 2016 by Mrs. Brandon after Dr. James Brandon’s death. The other related documents and photos were deposited to the UHM University Archives (James Brandon Papers). The James Brandon Papers include his interview tapes with other censors, field notes and documents, and photos related to Kabuki censorship during the Occupation of Japan.

Also refer to extensive articles on Kabuki under the subject of American censorship Dr. James Brandon:

Myth and Reality: A story of Kabuki under American Censorship: 1945-1949 Asian Theatre Journal, v. 23, no. 1: 1-110.

An Addendum to ‘Myth and Reality: A story of Kabuki under American Censorship: 1945-1949’ Asian Theatre Journal, v. 24, no. 2: v-x.

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