2021-2022 Entering Class and Transfers

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dc.date.issued 2021
dc.description This collection comprises the photo guides of the William S. Richardson School of Law Entering Classes from 2021-2022. It is possible to identify the names and faces of individuals who entered into the School. Each photoguide is accessible as a pdf and is text searchable. This collection will be updated as a new photo guide is created and uploaded each year.
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dc.subject Kalei Akau
dc.subject Nathan Bae
dc.subject Chloe Berridge
dc.subject Lauren Carson
dc.subject Diamonte Reye-Lynne Chamberlain
dc.subject Elena Chang
dc.subject Joyce Chang
dc.subject Tracy Chuc
dc.subject Isabelle Constant
dc.subject Lea Sabina Maria Martinez Cook
dc.subject Holly Crawford
dc.subject Chiako Fukushima
dc.subject Ying Gu
dc.subject Akira Miyazaki
dc.subject Matthew Alan Wetherill
dc.subject Loredana Craciun
dc.subject Celia De Bondt
dc.subject LCDR Joseph "Joho" Horton, JAGC, USN
dc.subject Young Hun Koh
dc.subject Armin Mayerhofer
dc.subject Wongyu Min
dc.subject Holly Doyle
dc.subject Farah Danial Mok
dc.subject Ariana Anderson
dc.subject Madelyn L. McKeague
dc.subject Taryn Radebaugh
dc.subject Malia Akutagawa
dc.subject Troy Andrade
dc.subject Denise E. Antolini
dc.subject Tae-Ung Baik
dc.subject John Barkai
dc.subject Daniel Barnett
dc.subject Laya Dudley
dc.subject Daniel Blackaby
dc.subject Charles D. Booth
dc.subject Jennifer Brown
dc.subject Maxine Burkett
dc.subject Catherine Bye
dc.subject Williamson B. C. Chang
dc.subject Richard Chen
dc.subject Randle DeFalco
dc.subject John Robert Egan
dc.subject David M. Forman
dc.subject Makana Elaban
dc.subject Andrea Freeman
dc.subject Brian Huffman
dc.subject Faye T. Kimura
dc.subject Spencer Kimura
dc.subject Linda Hamilton Krieger
dc.subject Kenneth Lawson
dc.subject Lenora Lee
dc.subject Cory Lenz
dc.subject Mark A. Levin
dc.subject Justin D. Levinson
dc.subject Daisy Mae Fernando
dc.subject Mari J. Matsuda
dc.subject Trisha Nakamura
dc.subject Keiko Okuhara
dc.subject Calvin G.C. Pang
dc.subject Carole J. Petersen
dc.subject James H. Pietsch
dc.subject Sari Sanchez
dc.subject Susan K. Serrano
dc.subject Dina Shek
dc.subject Liam Skilling
dc.subject Brissa Flores Romero
dc.subject Avi Soifer
dc.subject D. Kapua?ala Sproat
dc.subject Victoria Szymczak
dc.subject Richard Wallsgrove
dc.subject Eric K. Yamamoto
dc.subject Camille Nelson
dc.subject Nicholas A. Mirkay
dc.subject Ronette M. Kawakami
dc.subject Benny Au
dc.subject St. John Baccam
dc.subject Megan C. Freney
dc.subject Ellen-Rae Cachola
dc.subject Kari Carolan
dc.subject Loreto Coloma, Jr.
dc.subject Martin Deabler
dc.subject Garid Faria
dc.subject Kelly-Ann Hernandez
dc.subject Daniel Hironaka
dc.subject Wesley Kau
dc.subject Dana Lum
dc.subject Piyada Nonzee
dc.subject Kacey Fujino
dc.subject Kerialyn Pease
dc.subject Cat Perez
dc.subject Lynette T. George Rudolfo
dc.subject Kristi Shiraki
dc.subject Heather Smith-Lee
dc.subject Storm Stoker
dc.subject Tracie Sur
dc.subject Pamela Taura
dc.subject Naoka Seraphim Gabriel
dc.subject McKenzie Gallagher
dc.subject Robin W. Girard
dc.subject Saphira Goode
dc.subject Quinn Griffiths
dc.subject Dru N. Hara
dc.subject Michelle Lee
dc.subject Casey Hearl
dc.subject Jenna L. Higa
dc.subject Travis D. Hishinuma
dc.subject Zoe S. Hoff
dc.subject Camrrie Hoomanawanui
dc.subject Hunter Kam
dc.subject Malcolm Kam
dc.subject Pilar P. Kam
dc.subject Vaughn S. Kelii
dc.subject Jazmyn Kim
dc.subject Josh Kim
dc.subject Ryan K. King
dc.subject Paige E. Kop Shimabuku
dc.subject Jacie Kuniyoshi
dc.subject Ashley Nicole Landwerlen
dc.subject Jordan Marzan
dc.subject Cortlynn Matsuo
dc.subject Sierra Miller
dc.subject Sophia Bene Kanani Morgan
dc.subject Sandy Muchow
dc.subject Lane L. Mullin
dc.subject Christian Naeole
dc.subject Elyse L.A. Nakamoto
dc.subject Joshua Nam
dc.subject Cong T. Nguyen
dc.subject Kalina Nguyen Le
dc.subject Kiyohid Noguchi
dc.subject Ivette Olivares
dc.subject Emma Kuuleilani Olsen
dc.subject Luis C. Omphroy, Jr.
dc.subject Denielle M. Pedro
dc.subject Spencer Pierone
dc.subject Jennfier Price-Smith
dc.subject Sean Quinn
dc.subject Claire Elizabeth Radda
dc.subject Leeyannah Armaine V. Santos
dc.subject Emily Sarasa
dc.subject Allie Saunders
dc.subject Kawai Scanlon
dc.subject Glen P. Seitz
dc.subject Afsoon L. Shirazi, MPH
dc.subject Matthe L. Smith
dc.subject Keao Sproat-Hum
dc.subject Evan Suemori
dc.subject Irene Sun
dc.subject Frances Nicole Tabios
dc.subject Taylor Takeuchi
dc.subject Wil Tottori
dc.subject Lydia J. Treanor
dc.subject Madeline M. Walsh
dc.subject Jamie L. Williams
dc.subject Hanna Wong
dc.subject Kim-Hee Wong
dc.subject Kekai Wong Yuen
dc.subject Brandon K. Yahiro
dc.subject Mary Yanagihara
dc.subject Keri Yatogo
dc.subject Kate Atanasio
dc.subject Min Bu
dc.subject Keisha-Lynn S.K. Chee
dc.subject Chantal Cruz
dc.subject Karen M. Dang
dc.subject Maile Edwards
dc.subject Michellei Fisher
dc.subject Jenna Hanohano
dc.subject Michael Kanemori
dc.subject Lara M. Matsumoto
dc.subject Leee Miyahira
dc.subject Sandy Santiago Narvaez
dc.subject Dana C. Queamly
dc.subject Lauren A. Salcedo
dc.subject David T. Shinsato
dc.subject Jennfier Marie Tobara-Honold
dc.subject James Ward
dc.subject Karis Whi
dc.title 2021-2022 Entering Class and Transfers
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