Variation of bacterial communities in black tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon) with different growth performances Li, Yundong Zhou, Falin Zhang, Wenwen Yang, Qibin Jiang, Song Huang, Jianhua Yang, Lishi Jiang, Shigui 2021-12-13T18:42:30Z 2021-12-13T18:42:30Z 2021
dc.description.abstract The intestinal bacteria of aquatic animals are closely related to their health and growth status. Penaeus monodon has become an important aquaculture species in the world because of its high nutritional value and market to demand. However, knowledge of bacterial communities on the growth phenotype of P. monodon is still limited. In this research, the bacterial community were comprehensively analyzed by using Miseq sequencing technology and bioinformatics. The results indicated that 29 phyla and 468 genera were identified by the taxonomic sequence. The data showed that the composition of microbial community was statistically different to fast-growing shrimps and slow-growing shrimps. There were significant differences in intestinal bacteria at the genus level. Lactococcus, Limnothrix, and Arthrospira had more abundance in the gut of fast-growing shrimps, which may promote the growth of P. monodon by affecting enzyme activities and improving immune response. Nautella, Shimia, Pseudoalteromonas, Aliiroseovarius, Albimonas, Tessaracoccus had more abundance in the gut of slow-growing shrimps. Nautella had the ability to express virulence by stimulated by environmental factors, thereby increasing the susceptibility to infection, which may have a negative impact on healthy growth of shrimps. Pseudoalteromonas, Aliiroseovarius and Shimia were related to the pathogenicity of shrimp, which may be an important factor affecting the growth of shrimp. Overall, this study demonstrates that the bacterial community associated with P. monodon was variation on different growth performance. These results can provide information on microbiome characteristics involved in the asynchronous growth of shrimp.
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dc.identifier.issn 0792-156X
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dc.subject Penaeus monodon
dc.subject black tiger shrimp
dc.subject intestinal bacteria
dc.subject shrimp
dc.subject growth
dc.subject 16S rRNA sequencing
dc.title Variation of bacterial communities in black tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon) with different growth performances
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