2008-2009 Entering Class and Transfers

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dc.subject Carolyn M. Aguilar
dc.subject Keani S. Alapa
dc.subject Laura C. Allen
dc.subject Monty O. Anderson
dc.subject Troy J.H. Andrade
dc.subject Lianne M. Aoki
dc.subject Jeremy S. Aoyagi
dc.subject Lynda L. Arakawa
dc.subject Sara Doo Ayabe
dc.subject Margarita I. Ayala
dc.subject Elizabeth B. Bailey
dc.subject Natasha L.N. Baldauf
dc.subject Natalie G. Banach
dc.subject John A. Brannon
dc.subject Amy K. Brinker
dc.subject Kasmira M. Brough
dc.subject Elena L. Bryant
dc.subject Reiko A. Bryant
dc.subject Ryan K. Caday
dc.subject Maria A. Carmichael
dc.subject Cari A. Cast
dc.subject Amphay Champathong
dc.subject Diane E. Chang
dc.subject Stacie N. Coats
dc.subject Jessica R. Domingo
dc.subject Amanda L. Donlin
dc.subject Tony R. Donnes
dc.subject Deborah A. Dulay
dc.subject William S. Fawcett
dc.subject Summer H. Fergerstrom
dc.subject Anna I. Fernandez
dc.subject Nani-Hoku L.A. Ferris
dc.subject Catherine E. Gibson
dc.subject Harrison K. Goo
dc.subject Kerry D. Green
dc.subject Cayce E. Greiner
dc.subject Robyn M. Ha
dc.subject Judith E. Harris
dc.subject Joshua K. Hee
dc.subject Samantha L. Herring
dc.subject Kelly A. Higa
dc.subject Vivienne Huang
dc.subject Jenelle R. Hughes
dc.subject Malina K. IIda
dc.subject Kimberly Anne A. Ishimoto
dc.subject Mark L. Jensen
dc.subject Amanda O. Jenssen
dc.subject Tatjana A. Johnson
dc.subject Haaheo M. Kahoohalahala
dc.subject Erin S.M. Kalopodes
dc.subject Ryan K.P. Kanakaole
dc.subject Sarah K.M. Keopuiki
dc.subject Alison S. Kato
dc.subject Amber D. Kaup
dc.subject Lyle K. Keanini
dc.subject Matthew K. Keiley
dc.subject Christopher N. Keyashian
dc.subject Michelle Y. Kim
dc.subject Young Eun Kim
dc.subject Emily E. Klatt
dc.subject Erin M. Kobayashi
dc.subject Kelly M. Kohlhofer
dc.subject Harvey Maxwell K. Kopper
dc.subject Page C. Kraker
dc.subject Chad M. Kumagai
dc.subject William F. Ledoux
dc.subject Jennifer L.Z. Lee
dc.subject Christopher J.I. Leong
dc.subject Ryan J. Loeffers
dc.subject Aaron L. Loeser
dc.subject Paul J. Mc Donald
dc.subject Rebekah R. Mc Keldin
dc.subject Leroy P. Michaels
dc.subject Danille A. Minayoshi
dc.subject Cheryl Ann Miyamoto
dc.subject Cathy Y. Mizumoto
dc.subject Lena Mobin
dc.subject Lauren M. Nakamura
dc.subject Stacie M. Nakamura
dc.subject Joy S. Neely
dc.subject Gary L. Nelson
dc.subject Barron T. Oda
dc.subject Danny B. Patel
dc.subject Amanda E. Pearson
dc.subject Nicole E.S. Pinaula
dc.subject Michelle L. Premeaux
dc.subject Debra M. Pruitt
dc.subject Robert L. Rawson
dc.subject Madeleine S. Roberts
dc.subject Henry R. Ross
dc.subject Nicolette Rowe
dc.subject Jeannin-Melissa K. Russo
dc.subject Ryan K. Sakuda
dc.subject Kahlan C. Salina
dc.subject Kimberly C. Shoffner
dc.subject Michele P. Sonen
dc.subject James L.G. Stake
dc.subject Andrea M. Stewart
dc.subject Eliza V. Talbot
dc.subject Trevor N. Tamashiro
dc.subject Pearl Renice A. Tamayo
dc.subject Catherine A. Taschner
dc.subject Sherilyn K. Tavares
dc.subject Charles R. Taylor
dc.subject Kimberly A. Torigoe
dc.subject Brianna L. Tsukamoto
dc.subject Miya N. Tsukazaki
dc.subject Wilson A. Unga
dc.subject Kelden B. Waltjen
dc.subject Sylvia A. Wan
dc.subject Stephen M. Wood
dc.subject Adam G. Wright
dc.subject Shawn H. Yamada
dc.subject Stewart A. Yerton
dc.subject Courtney J.Q. Young
dc.subject Aeri Yum
dc.subject Alexa K. Zen
dc.subject Mosaid Altamimi
dc.subject Remi Bye
dc.subject Malin Chin
dc.subject Sandra Deheza Rodriguez
dc.subject Christian Eichenberger
dc.subject Hyangse Kim Loveless
dc.subject Kjetil L. Kiran
dc.subject Christina Michailidis
dc.subject Jay Rasjidgandha
dc.subject Jan E. Rong
dc.subject Yukiyo Tetsumura
dc.subject Phatchara Udomsin
dc.subject Ai-Jo Wu
dc.subject Aviam Soifer
dc.subject Hazel G. Beh
dc.subject Laurie Arial Tochiki
dc.subject Denise E. Antolini
dc.subject John L. Barkai
dc.subject Sayoko Blodgett-Ford
dc.subject Charles Booth
dc.subject Addison Bowman
dc.subject Ronald C. Brown
dc.subject Honorable James Burns
dc.subject David L. Callies
dc.subject Williamson B.C. Chang
dc.subject Carl Christensen
dc.subject Alison W. Conner
dc.subject Danielle Conway-Jones
dc.subject Lawrence C. Foster
dc.subject Virginia E. Hench
dc.subject M. Casey Jarman
dc.subject Charles R. Lawrence III
dc.subject Mark Levin
dc.subject Justin Levinson
dc.subject Melody K. Mackenzie
dc.subject Richard S. Miller
dc.subject Mari Matsuda
dc.subject Calvin G.C. Pang
dc.subject Carole Petersen
dc.subject James H. Pietsch
dc.subject Jill Ramsfield
dc.subject C.J. William S. Richardson
dc.subject Randall W. Roth
dc.subject Leina'ala R. Seeger
dc.subject Susan Serrano
dc.subject Kapua Sproat
dc.subject Jon M. Van Dyke
dc.subject Eric K. Yamamoto
dc.title 2008-2009 Entering Class and Transfers
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dcterms.description This collection comprises the photo guides of the William S. Richardson School of Law Faculty and Entering Class of 2008-2009. It is possible to identify the names and faces of individuals who entered into the school. Each photoguide is accessible as a pdf and is text searchable. This collection will be updated as a new photo guide is created and uploaded each year.
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