2020-2021 Entering Class and Transfers

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dc.date.issued 2020
dc.description This collection comprises the photo guides of the William S. Richardson School of Law Entering Classes from 2020-2021. It is possible to identify the names and faces of individuals who entered into the School. Each photoguide is accessible as a pdf and is text searchable. This collection will be updated as a new photo guide is created and uploaded each year.
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dc.subject Benny Au
dc.subject St. John Baccam
dc.subject Ellen-Rae Cachola
dc.subject Kari Carolan
dc.subject Loreto Coloma, Jr.
dc.subject Beverly Creamer
dc.subject Martin Deabler
dc.subject Garid Faria
dc.subject Kelly-Ann Hernandez
dc.subject Daniel Hironaka
dc.subject Wesley Kau
dc.subject Siena Schaar
dc.subject Morgan Hiilei Serna
dc.subject Tatyanna Serraro
dc.subject A Brent Sewell
dc.subject Matthew Shimabukuro
dc.subject Kanani Smull
dc.subject Thomas Snyder
dc.subject Shannon Wong
dc.subject Alan Yamaki
dc.subject Melissa Korta
dc.subject Victoria Szymczak
dc.subject Liana Bratland
dc.subject Joseph Campos
dc.subject Mark Cave
dc.subject Meyer Cummins
dc.subject Thomas Davis
dc.subject Andrea Eshelman
dc.subject Christian S. Ferrer
dc.subject Kelly Glatthorn
dc.subject Daniel Graner
dc.subject Jennifer Hee
dc.subject Richard Wallsgrove
dc.subject Dana Lum
dc.subject Roberta Hickey
dc.subject Albertt Lee
dc.subject Melvin Lonas
dc.subject Nicolina K.T. Pascua
dc.subject Jolyn Prieto
dc.subject Florante "Ian" Pumaras
dc.subject Jacob Ruby
dc.subject Josiah Sewell
dc.subject Kathryn Xian
dc.subject Tracy Wiltgen
dc.subject Kaiqi Hua
dc.subject Piyada Nonzee
dc.subject Jonathan Kawakami
dc.subject Sergio Torres
dc.subject Koo Baker
dc.subject Leonard B. Chite
dc.subject Chiako Fukushima
dc.subject Jacob Honigman
dc.subject Hokyung Kim
dc.subject Lee F. Sanderson
dc.subject Eric K. Yamamoto
dc.subject Samraansh Sharma
dc.subject Atsushi Shiraki
dc.subject Chris Oliver
dc.subject Malia Akutagawa
dc.subject Troy Andrade
dc.subject Denise E. Antolini
dc.subject Tae-Ung Baik
dc.subject John Barkai
dc.subject Daniel Blackaby
dc.subject Charles D. Booth
dc.subject Camille Nelson
dc.subject Jennifer Brown
dc.subject Ronald C. Brown
dc.subject Maxine Burkett
dc.subject Kerialyn Pease
dc.subject Catherine Bye
dc.subject David Callies
dc.subject Williamson B. C. Chang
dc.subject Richard Chen
dc.subject Charles E. Colman
dc.subject John Robert Egan
dc.subject Daniel I. Barnett
dc.subject David M. Forman
dc.subject Andrea Freeman
dc.subject Brian Huffman
dc.subject Elisabeth Steele Hutchison
dc.subject Cat Perez
dc.subject Faye T. Kimura
dc.subject Spencer Kimura
dc.subject Linda Hamilton Krieger
dc.subject Kenneth Lawson
dc.subject Lenora Lee
dc.subject Ronette M. Kawakami
dc.subject Cory Lenz
dc.subject Mark A. Levin
dc.subject Justin D. Levinson
dc.subject Mari J. Matsuda
dc.subject Nicholas A. Mirkay
dc.subject Joyce Umali Perreira
dc.subject Trisha Nakamura
dc.subject Keiko Okuhara
dc.subject Calvin G.C. Pang
dc.subject Carole J. Petersen
dc.subject Kristi Shiraki
dc.subject James H. Pietsch
dc.subject Sari Sanchez
dc.subject Susan K. Serrano
dc.subject Dina Shek
dc.subject Liam Skilling
dc.subject Avi Soifer
dc.subject Lynette T. George Rudolfo
dc.subject D. Kapua?ala Sproat
dc.subject Heather Smith-Lee
dc.subject Storm Stoker
dc.subject James Stone
dc.subject Tracie Sur
dc.subject Pamela Taura
dc.subject Mallorie Aiwohi
dc.subject Krystal Antolin
dc.subject Logan Araki
dc.subject Pono Arias
dc.subject Grant Barring
dc.subject Samantha Barth
dc.subject Danielle Bell
dc.subject Kathleen Bissell
dc.subject Abby Tateishi
dc.subject Coco Brown
dc.subject Joey Brown
dc.subject Kira-Nariese Brown
dc.subject Joel Burgess
dc.subject Suhyeon Burns
dc.subject Hiilei Casco
dc.subject Palakiko Chandler IV
dc.subject Susan Chon
dc.subject Ethan Chun
dc.subject Daniel Comer
dc.subject Kenneth Tea
dc.subject Alyssa Couchie
dc.subject Andrew Crosby
dc.subject Erin Dung
dc.subject Laura Essenberg
dc.subject Carina Fasi
dc.subject Nia Fernandez
dc.subject Isabelle Flores
dc.subject Shayna Fujimoto
dc.subject Ryan Gallagher
dc.subject Matthew Gentry
dc.subject Ionatana Tua
dc.subject Jessica Germany
dc.subject Sabrina Gouveia
dc.subject Benjamin Gozun
dc.subject Stephanie Haro-Sevilla
dc.subject Mona Heydarian
dc.subject Cayli Hirata
dc.subject Cale Honda
dc.subject Drew K. Ichikawa
dc.subject Skye Jansen
dc.subject Wai Kit Jim
dc.subject Gustaf Vanderdonck
dc.subject Ian Kasaitis
dc.subject Gillian Kim
dc.subject Bridgett D. Kirby
dc.subject Daniel Koller
dc.subject Lanson Kupau
dc.subject Nicole Lam
dc.subject Charles Lee
dc.subject Kyla Livingston
dc.subject Brittny Marino
dc.subject Mike Matsuura
dc.subject Anne Weightman
dc.subject Sarah Anne Mau
dc.subject Shawn T. McCarthy
dc.subject Amelia McKenzie
dc.subject Evan H. Miyaki Jr.
dc.subject Micah Miyasato
dc.subject Shawna Moeschler
dc.subject Lauren Moore
dc.subject Naima Moore
dc.subject Jenna Moriwaki
dc.subject Dave Nagaji
dc.subject Keoni Williams
dc.subject Jimmy Nguyen
dc.subject Hitomi Ozaki-Ly
dc.subject Moana Pelei-Holani-Blankenfeld
dc.subject Dillon Petrovich
dc.subject Justin B. Pokotylo
dc.subject Danicole Ramos
dc.subject Micahel Ratcliffe
dc.subject Kealapono Richardson
dc.subject Diego Rivera
dc.subject Patricia Romero
dc.subject Kellie Wong
dc.subject Angela T. Rothbauer
dc.title 2020-2021 Entering Class and Transfers
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