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    Report to the twenty-first legislature, regular session of 2001
    (Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority, State of Hawaii, 2001) Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority, State of Hawaii
    In response to : Senate Concurrent Resolution 19 - 2001 : Requesting the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority to revive its proposal for the reactivation of the Noi I O Puna Research Center.
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    Governor's Advisory Board on the Underwater Cable Transmission Project : preliminary report
    (Governor's Advisory Board on the Underwater Cable Transmission Project, 1988-01-15) Quinn, William F.
    "The Cable Board has reached tentative conclusions that geothermal development and underwater cable transmission are technically, economically, financially and socially feasible. It is too early to determine whether the entire project can be developed by private entities or, if not, the extent of the role state government must play in the financing, construction, operation and ownership of the geothermal project. If the legislative recommendations made in this report are accepted, and a master coordinated development plan is drawn and permitted, we can then readily determine the capability of the private sector to carry out the plan, and the extent of state assistance or participation that is required. This report sets forth the preliminary views and recommendations of the Cable Board based upon its activities to date."
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    Background paper for workshop on geothermal energy
    (Committee on Economic Development, Energy and Natural Resources, Hawaii State Senate, 1979) Committee on Economic Development, Energy and Natural Resources, Hawaii State Senate
    Contents: Introduction, Economic Incentives, Drilling Regulation, Land Use and Leasing, Relationship of Geothermal to Water Resources, and Ownership.
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    Capsule history of Hawaii's geothermal power
    ([s.n.], 1990)
    Timeline of the history of Hawaii's Geothermal Power projects and plans.
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    Hawaii Geothermal Plant/Inter-Island Cable Project
    (Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund, Inc., 1990-02) Spaulding, Paul P.
    Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund, Inc. letter and report regarding the 500 megawatt geothermal plant\inter-island cable project in Hawaii. In the early 1980s, the federal and Hawaii state governments began jointly pursuing development of this geothermal project. The state enacted laws granting favorable excise tax treatment to sellers of geothermal energy, designating geothermal subzones for development purposes, and granting agency authority to set geothermal royalty rates. In conjunction with these state actions, the u.s. Department of Energy began providing funding for research, design, construction and routing of an undersea cable specifically designed to transmit geothermal-based electricity from the Big Island to Oahu.
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