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    The Jalwoj (Jaluit) Malmel construction and details of a traditional Marshallese sailing outrigger canoe (tipnol)
    ( 1989) Alessio, Dennis F.
    "The mainstay of the traditionaI artisanaI fishing craft in the Marshall Islands is the sailing outrigger canoe (tipnol) .1 The tipnol represents the ultimate in design adaption, inter and intralagoon travel and fishing. In recent years, however, imported boats built of aluminium and fiberglass, and powered by outboard motors have become more prominent, given the increased availability of money. At the same time, the traditional canoe building has declined, mainly, not because of technological disadvantages, but because traditional canoes are connected with the "old ways" and do not fit into the set of "modern" Americanized ideas and role models presented to the people of the Marshall IsIands." (Quoted from Introduction.)
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    Fishing for tuna in Pacific prehistory
    ( 1998-03) Fraser, Karen
    The archaeological evidence from faunal analyses in the Pacific suggests an emphasis on inshore fish and fishing strategies. In contrast, the faunal evidence for offshore fish such as tuna is slight. Several sites in East Polynesia with high proportions of tuna are unusual in this regard. Yet ethnographic accounts of fishing in the Pacific region often contain detailed descriptions of offshore fishing expeditions to catch pelagic fish, including tuna. These fish continue to occupy a significant place in the cultural life of many Pacific island communities.
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    Kāpasa Fetu'u Community Needs Assessment
    ( 2024) Loi-On, Levalasi ; Tanuvasa, Sarah Wongking
    Quoted from project website: "The following documents discuss a community-led assessment completed in San Francisco across multiple months in 2021-2022. The assessment utilized a mixed methods approach, including Indigenous Pacific methodologies to gather the stories of 365 community members including NHPI youth, young adults, parents, caretakers, community leaders, and service providers. The report and infographic sheet include details of the process, assessment findings that focus on youth identity and wellness, family experiences, and community programs, as well as recommendations to improve support for NHPI youth, young adults, and families in San Francisco. This is a project of the following research team: Levalasi Loi-On, Sarah Wongking Tanuvasa, Asipesionau Finau, Vonnie Kiliona, Tina Kuresa, Keresoma La'a, Tupou Latukefu, Christine Mauia, DannyBoy Naha-Ve'evalu, Matani Novero-Pa'aga, Koreena Ortiz-Tanuvasa, Sonya Peleseuma-Breiz, Jeremiah Seumanu, Sylvia "Mammasyl" Selinger-Tauala, Annie Seuseu, Gethsemane Tagaloa, Joshawn Tupuola, Tone Va'i, Edel Vaovasa, and Samuelu Veu. In Partnership with the SF Department of Children, Youth, and Families, Samoan Community Development Center, All My Usos, Faʻatasi Youth Services, PasifikaByDesign, SF Tongans Rise Up."
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    4th Constitutional Convention of the Federated States of Micronesia
    (Fourth FSM Constitutional Convention, 2022) Federated States of Micronesia Constitutional Convention (4th: 2020 : Pohnpei)
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    Marshall Islands revised code
    (Office of Legislative Counsel, Nitijela of the Marshall Islands, 2016) Office of Legislative Counsel, Nitijela of the Marshall Islands
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    Gross Domestic Product 2005-2022
    (Solomon Islands National Statistical Office, Ministry of Finance & Treasury, Solomon Islands Government, 2024-02-14) Solomon Islands National Statistics Office
    This statistical bulletin (1/2024) presents gross domestic product (GDP) estimates from 2005-2022 following from the previous bulletin with new estimates for 2021 and 2022. The Solomon Islands National Statistics Office (SINSO) have decided not to make revisions to past estimates at this time. The SINSO is also planning the implementation of the 2024/2025 Household Income and Expenditure Survey (HIES) and a National Enterprise Census in the third quarter of 2024. These exercises will establish new benchmarks for GDP and require substantial revisions to the time series. SINSO have decided to put through revisions to 2020 and past years arising from methodological improvements and the population census at this time. Any methodological changes made for the current measures have been chained on to the 2020 levels to avoid distorting growth rates. Revisions tables are therefore omitted.
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    Silver Jubilee on Ponape
    ( 1972) Ponape Agriculture & Trade School.
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    Micronesia, our first ten years
    ( 1958?) Heron, Donald.