Photographs of Fiji and Yap, circa 1940-1969

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The majority of the photographs in this collection (33 of 35) were shot by Rob Wright, Sr., and are stamped “Public Relations Office Suva. Fiji Official Photograph.” These images include modern and traditional Fijian architecture; a Fijian yavirau (fish drive); Fijian agriculture (including copra, sugar and bananas); a yaqona (a.k.a. kava) ceremony; and other documentation of social life and customs. Dates are not provided, though each image includes a detailed, typewritten photo caption. The two additional photos in this collection are unrelated to the others: One, which includes a handwritten caption on front reading “Yap Money” is an image of approximately one dozen Yapese Rai stones (a.k.a. stone money); this photo includes a stamp on the verso reading “Karl C. Leebrick, Liaison Officer.” The other is a photographic reproduction of a poster titled “1 Year. At One Year These Foods Will Make Babies Strong and Healthy.” The poster includes an artist credit of “J. Chambers, Rabaul,” and was apparently produced for the South Pacific Commission. The photographic reproduction is credited “Australian Official Photograph by W. Pederson.” NOTE: Owing to copyright issues, the photographs themselves have not been digitized; however, they are available for viewing in the Pacific Collection. Detailed descriptions of each photograph can be found on the file posted below.


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    Photo Descriptions
    ( 2012-02-08) Wright, Rob Sr ; Leebrick, Karl C. ; Pederson, W.
    Detailed descriptions for each of the 35 photographs held in this collection.
The photographs in this collection have not been digitized; they are cataloged in the library's physical collection under the call number PHOTOGRAPH P00029.