South Asia 19th Century & Earlier Imprints

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This digitization project is intended to provide better and greater access to South Asia related 19th Century and earlier imprints on a variety of subjects. All these materials belong to the collections of Hamilton Library at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, and are in the public domain.

Items in this digital collection will include title pages, table of contents, and, when available, prefatory notes, selected illustrations and text. Links will be provided to the catalog record, and to full text sites, if available. Full text will be provided here, if unavailable elsewhere. Citations will be provided using MLA format.

This project was conceived by Monica Ghosh, South Asia Librarian. The content and digitizing has been in collaboration with Philip Whitford (LIS Intern), and Beth Tillinghast (Library Information Technology/eVols). Work on this project is expected to be ongoing, with regular additions to the content.