Micronesian Monthly / Micronesian Reporter

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Beginning in 1951, the Headquarters for the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands regularly published a magazine that detailed its work in the region. From 1951 through the first issue of 1956, the magazine was known as the Micronesian Monthly; from the second issue of 1956 through the end of the run in 1980, it was known as the Micronesian Reporter. From 1951 through December 1967, publication cycles varied: For the most part, the magazine was produced monthly, though certain issues cover two or more months. Starting in 1968, the magazine was formally shifted to a quarterly publication cycle, which continued through the first quarter of 1980, when publication ceased. Initially, the magazine was published at Fort Ruger, O'ahu, but publication shifted to Hagåtña, Guam, beginning with volume 3, number 6 (February-March, 1955). Publication again shifted, this time to Saipan, CNMI, beginning with Volume 10, number 4 (July-August 1962). Issues included here have been scanned from the Pacific Collection's print holdings, with support from a National Resource Center grant administered by the Center for Pacific Islands Studies.