MANUSCRIPT P00021: True stories of old Tahiti : moral and otherwise / by a Cambridge M.A.

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Ernest Edmonds was British Consul to Tahiti in the period prior to World War II, circa 1935-1945. It is believed he wrote this manuscript during that time period. The materials in this online collection were digitized from Edmonds' original 44-page, typewritten manuscript, which was donated to the Pacific Collection in May, 2000. In its physical form, the manuscript is housed in 20 separate folders, which correspond to 19 "chapters," plus a table of contents and preface. Although the manuscript is attributed to "A Cambridge M.A." on its handwritten title page, Ernest Edmonds is listed as the author of one particular chapter. The manuscript donor (a personal friend of Edmonds) confirmed that Edmonds was the author, and that the manuscript was given to the donor by the author prior to his death.


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