Use of Red and Blue Light-Emitting Diodes (LED) and Fluorescent Lamps to Grow Microalgae in a Photobioreactor Caner Koc Gary A. Anderson Anil Kommareddy 2013-02-19T18:07:00Z 2013-02-19T18:07:00Z 2013
dc.description.abstract High oil content microalgae are a source for biofuel production. They can be produced in open ponds or closed photobioreactors. To efficiently grow such microalgae, illumination for photosynthesis, CO2 consumption, and the pH and nutrient content of the growth medium must be monitored and precisely controlled. In a closed photobioreactor, illumination is the most critical parameter because it is the most expensive factor of algae production and must be operated 24 h per day. In this research, Chlorella kessleri (UTEX 398) microalgae were grown in photobioreactors. All parameters were identical, except the source and intensity of the illumination. The light sources included red light-emitting diodes (LED), blue LED, and fluorescent lights. Growth of the microalgae was observed for seven days and the effects of the three illumination sources on cell count, cell weight, and cell size were determined. In the first experiment, in which the current of all three light sources was the same, red LED produced the highest number of cells with the highest weight while blue LED light produced the largest cells. In the second experiment, in which the light intensity was the same for all three light sources, the highest weight was again achieved with the red LED. Thus, we suggest that most advantageous production system may be to use a red light initially to produce the desired cell concentration, then switch to a blue light to increase cell size.
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dc.subject.lcsh Fish culture.
dc.title Use of Red and Blue Light-Emitting Diodes (LED) and Fluorescent Lamps to Grow Microalgae in a Photobioreactor
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