Journal, 12th holographic. June 23 - November 27, 1887 [Inventory no. 15]

Rabe, John, 1850-1914
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Twelfth holographic account of Dr. John Rabe's California and Pacific regions period. This journal recounts the Doctor's voyages to the Samoan Islands and to the Tongan or Friendly Islands and Dr. Rabe's experiences in these Polynesian Archipelagos. He sailed from San Francisco June 23 aboard the schooner "Golden Fleece" bound first for Apia, Samoa, Captain Henderson in command. The "Golden Fleece" arrived at Apia on July 22, 1887. At this time the vessel sent to Samoa by the King of Hawaii, Kalakaua, was at Apia. A band concert was given by the Hawaiian lads, then a party was attended at the Hawaiian Consulate in honor of Kalakaua's departing man-of-war. The Commander was one Captain Jackson—an Australian who was drunk most of the time (tallies with other historical accounts). His crew is described as ex-inmates of the Hawaii reformatory and a "tuff set". Dr. Rabe accompanied the Samoan Chief Justice down the coast aboard the Hawaii man-of-war for six miles to Afunga to see King Malietoa's town give the vessel a farewell. They steamed at 3 to 4 knots. Germans land troops and guns and place Apia under martial law, declaring war against King Malietoa. Tamasese was declared King by the Germans, with several proclamations that were answered negatively by the U.S. and British Consuls. Much of the activities of Germans are recorded, also comments on Malietoa, who had hidden out in the bush with his royal guardsmen. The rebel King Tamasese called Dr. Rabe out of bed to work on his teeth. "He is over 7 feet and has an awful large mouth. I have been wishing and planning to get him in my hands and secure a model of his teeth and jaws for a specimen. Cleaning his teeth and at the same time I took two plaster impressions of his upper jaw. It took my biggest cup—No. I—and had to flatten it out like a saucer and when finished it was larger than my hand and resembled a young scoop shovel. And even then it was not quite large enough to take in one of his wisdom teeth." The Doctor traced an outline of His Majesty King Tamesese's upper jaw casting and dated it. A great deal more is recorded of what R. L. Stevenson referred to as "The Samoan Imbraglio," also much of his observations of the customs and habits of the Samoans. On November 14, Dr. Rabe sailed for the Tongan Isles aboard the North-German Lloyd steamer "Lubeck". Detailed description given of the capital city, Nukualofa, also an account of the uprising and attempted assassination of the Premier—Baker of Anglican Mission. A very high chief dies and Dr. Rabe attends funeral and sees old King George Tabou placed on a high dais. The King assists a gang of retainers to pull aside a huge stone that covered the mausoleum chosen for the interment. Dated from June 23 to November 27, 1887. Notebook size 8 1/2 x 5 inches. Consists of 234 pages with approximately 25,000 words.
Journal writer was a dental surgeon and conchologist. Records of historic and cultural information regarding most of the major island empires, kingdoms, sultanates, and protectorates within the greater Pacific Basin.
Pacific Area--Description and travel, Samoa, Tonga, Samoa--Kings and rulers, Tamasese, High Chief
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