Evidence of geothermal potential in Kahaualea

dc.contributor.author Niimi, Gerald
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dc.description.abstract Geothermal resources have been discovered in the East Rift Zone of Kilauea Volcano. This is proof that the necessary conditions to have a resource: heat, fluids, and permeable reservoirs are available in the Rift Zone. There is strong evidence indicated by the current eruptions of Puu O, geophysical, and geological studies, that a potential geothermal resource exists in Kahaualea. Aeromagnetic surveys and the current eruption of Puu O demonstrate that a potent heat source is available. High rainfall and the proximity to seawater provide ample sources of water to the Rift Zone. Geology of the Rift Zone and a high level of earthquake activity indicate faulting and fracturing that is commonly associated with the presence of geothermal reservoirs. The results of a microearthquake survey in Kahauale compares very favorably with similar microearthquake studies in the Lower Rift Zone around HGP-A. Extrapolation of drilling results from existing wells to the planned development areas of Kahaualea are encouraging to the existence of a geothermal resource. This report also outlines the steps that are planned to protect the safety of men and equipment while operating in a potentially hazardous area due to the threat of lava flows.
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dc.identifier.citation Niimi G. Evidence of geothermal potential in Kahaualea. Santa Rosa (CA): Thermasource, Inc.
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dc.title Evidence of geothermal potential in Kahaualea
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