Rapa Nui Journal Volume 3 Issues 1-4

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    Rapa Nui Journal 3#4 Winter 1989-90
    ( 1990-01-01)

    A Layperson's Guide to Ronorono (Part 3) by Alan David-Drake

    Archaeology of the Galapagos Islands by A.M. Smith

    Letters to the Editor

    Easter Island Foundation Created

    What's New in Hanga Roa

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    Rapa Nui Journal 3#3 Fall 1989
    ( 1989-01-01)

    Frankfurt Easter Island Exhibition is Spectacular

    The "Reimiro" of Barcelona and Its Inscriptions by Francesc Amoros i Gonell

    The Petroglyphs of Puako, Hawai'i

    Senckenberg Museum's Easter Island Symposium

    The Rapa Nui Information Gap by J. Douglas Porteous

    The Rapanui Proposal for Autonomy

    Metei: The Canadian Medial Expedition to Easter Island by J. Douglas Porteous

    Easter Island Stamp Inquiry

    What's New in Hanga Roa

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    Rapa Nui Journal, 3#2 Summer 1989
    ( 1989-01-01)

    Rapa Nui Sculptures Tour the United States

    The Anthropological Background of Easter Island by Jose Miguel Ramirez Aliaga

    Experimental Archaeology in Rock Art by Sidsel Millerstrom

    Karl Schanz's Calendar Stone (Part 2) by William Liller

    Supreme Court Recognizes the Consejo de Ancianos

    Two Noes on the Rapanui Language by Wilfried Schuhmacher

    Study of East Island Children

    Canadian Scientists Visit East Island

    Report on Efforts for Biological Control of Flies and other Insects on Easter Island by Renato Ripa

    Expeditions and Exhibitions

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    Rapa Nui Journal 3#1 Spring 1989
    ( 1989-01-01)

    Reevitalizacion de la Practlca del Tatuaje y Pintura Corporal en Isla de Pascua by Ana Maria Arredondo

    Habitation Site Excavations on Easter Island

    Karl Schanz's Calendar Stone (Part 1) by William Liller


    What's New in Hanga Roa