Rapa Nui Journal

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The Rapa Nui Journal (RNJ) was the official, peer-reviewed journal of the Easter Island Foundation (EIF). The journal served as a forum for interdisciplinary scholarship in the humanities and social sciences on Easter Island and the Eastern Polynesian region. Following the publication of Volume 33, EIF and the Society for Hawaiian Archaeology (publishers of Hawaiian Archaeology) decided to combine their flagship journals into a single, open-access journal, the Journal of Polynesian Archaeology and Research (JPAR).

Rapa Nui Journal included contributions from a wide range of social, cultural, indigenous, and historical disciplines on topics related to the lives and cultures of the peoples of Rapa Nui and Eastern Polynesia.

The Easter Island Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1989 with the mission of building a library on Easter Island and promoting awareness of the island’s fragile heritage.

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