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    Proposing a Facilitated Participatory Approach for Southeast Asian Minority Language Orthography Design
    ( 2019-05-02) Lew, Sigrid
    In strongly hierarchical societies, ownership of and involvement in community-related projects often is linked to the social status of individual community members and external specialists, rather than the community as a whole. This paper therefore proposes a hybrid approach to integrate participatory strategies and a significant degree of outsider input in orthography development in Southeast Asian hierarchical societies. Proposing this mixed approach of combining linguistically optimal ‘autonomous’ orthography design and local ownership-oriented participatory methods is based on previously described procedures in orthography development as well as the author’s own observations while consulting on Latin- and Brahmi-based minority language orthographies in Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos.
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    Tones in the Cuoi Language of Tan Ki District in Nghe An Province, Vietnam
    ( 2019-05-02) Nguyen, Huu Hoanh ; Nguyen, Van Loi
    This paper gives an overview of the phonetic characteristics of the tone system of the Cuoi language, a Vietic language spoken in Nghe An province in Vietnam.
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    Book Notice: Mainland Southeast Asian Languages - A Concise Typological Introduction, by N. J. Enfield
    ( 2019-02-20)
    This is a book notice for "Mainland Southeast Asian Languages - A Concise Typological Introduction" (2019) by N. J. Enfield.
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    In Memoriam: Thomas M. Tehan (1949-2019)
    ( 2019-02-20) Migliazza, Brian
    This is an "in memoriam" for Thomas M. Tehan (1949-2019).
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    A View on Proto-Karen Phonology and Lexicon
    ( 2019-02-20) Luangthongkum, Theraphan
    The reconstruction of Proto-Karen (PK) has previously been attempted and presented in different ways by scholars, leading to some serious disagreements on some major points. To offer another new look at PK based only on fresh data collected by myself (except Bwe), the PK phonology and lexicon with 341 entries were reconstructed. Deliberately, available documented materials on the Karenic languages since 1799 onwards were not used for this reconstruction although they were consulted. The reconstruction is based on a 2,000-item word list with English and Thai glosses of ten selected Karenic varieties spoken in Thailand, i.e. Northern Pa-O and Southern Pa-O (Northern branch, NK); Kayan, Kayah, Bwe (from Henderson 1997) and Kayaw (Central branch, CK); Northern Sgaw, Southern Sgaw, Northern Pwo and Southern Pwo (Southern branch, SK). For comparative purposes, only the obvious cognates found in at least two of the three branches were used. In following this method, most of the items in my field notes had to be eliminated. The correspondence patterns of onsets, rhymes and tones were investigated and, then, the protoforms were reconstructed and compared with the previous PK reconstructions and with the PTB forms reconstructed by Benedict (1972) and Matisoff (2003).