Rapa Nui Journal Volume 11 Issue 2

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    In Memoriam of Thomas S. Barthel
    ( 1997-01-01) Fischer, Steven Roger



    (January 4,1923 - April 3,1997)

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    Micronesia Handbook (4th edition) -Review
    ( 1997-01-01) Lee, Georgia

    Micronesia Handbook (4th edition), Neil M. Levy, 1996. ISBN 1-56691-077-3. 315 pages, $14.95. Moon Publications, PO Box 3040, Chico CA 95927-3040; Email: travel@moon.com

    Review by Georgia Lee

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    Film Review- Mars Attacks
    ( 1997-01-01) Bahn, Paul

    There are no many opular movies which include a sequence featuring Rapa Nui, so RNJ reader should seize the chance to see Tim Burton's recent sci-fi black comedy Mars Attacks.

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    ( 1997-01-01)
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    ( 1997-01-01)
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    ( 1997-01-01)
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    News and Notes
    ( 1997-01-01)

    International News

    What's New in Polynesia

    What's New in Hanga Roa

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    New Petrological and Geochemical Data on Easter Island
    ( 1997-01-01) DePaepe, P. ; Vergauwen, I.

    A joint Belgian-Chilean biological mission, conceived and headed by Prof. H. Dumont of the Department of Morphology, Systematics and Ecology of the Gent University, spent about five weeks on Easter Island in August and September 1990. The project was undertaken specifically to obtain a reasonably complete picture of the palaeoenvironmental evolution of the region during the Holocene. For that purpose coring was successfully applied to sample sediments deposited on the bottom of the fresh water crater lake of Rano Raraku in view of detailed biological and ecological research.

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    Palm Trees, Mana, and the Moving of the Moai
    ( 1997-01-01) Gurley, Robert E. ; Liller, William

    In his description of Easter Island, Captain James Cook (1777) reports, "... the country appeared quite barren and without wood," and the naturalist G. Forster noted, "... there was not a tree upon the island which exceeded the height of ten feet". That was in 1774, and even today the only large trees to be found have been introduced-primarily eucalyptus and a few dozen coconut palms brought in from Tahiti.

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    Evolution of the Southwestern Edge of the Poike Volcano, Easter Island
    ( 1997-01-01) Boven, A. ; DeDapper, M. ; DePaepe, P. ; Langohr, R. ; Pasteels, P.

    A joint Belgian-Chilean biological mission, conducted by Prof. H. Dumont of the Department of Morphology, Systematics and Ecology of the Gent University (Belgium), visited Easter Island in the summer of 1990. During this expedition, which lasted a few weeks, coring operations took place in the crater lake of Rano Raraku in view of biological and palaeoecological research.