Rapa Nui Journal Volume 10 Issue 3

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    ( 1996-01-01)
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    ( 1996-01-01)
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    World Monuments Fund continues support to help in the preservation of Orongo
    ( 1996-01-01) Charola, A. Elena

    During November 1995, WMF sponsored a French technical mission to evaluate the problems of the Mata Ngarau site at Orongo. (The mission was carried out by Professors Vouve and Clement, of the University of Bordeaux, in collaboration with Prof. Marchetti, of the University of Chile. After tests and analysis were performed on the samples taken from the site, a comprehensive report was compiled by Vouve and Clement.

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    South Pacific Handbook, 6th Edition (Review)
    ( 1996-01-01) Lee, Georgia

    David Stanley, 1996. South Pacific Handbook, 6th Edition. Softcover, 906 pages. ISBN 1-56691-040-4. $22.95. Order from Moon Travel Handbooks, PO Box 3040, Chico, CA 95927; Email: travel@moon.com

    Review by Georgia Lee

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    Fiji Islands Handbook (Review)
    ( 1996-01-01) Sanger, Kay K.

    David Stanley, 1966. Fiji Islands Handbook. Fourth Edition. Moon Publications. Softcover, 263 pages. JSB 156691- 038-2. $l3.95. Order from Moon Travel Handbooks. PO Box 3040. Cbico, CA 95927; email: travel@moon.com

    Review by Kay Kenady Sanger

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    Speak Rapanui! Hable Rapanui! La Lengua de Isla de Pascua (Review)
    ( 1996-01-01) Fischer, Steven R.

    Ana Betty Haoa Rapahango and William Liller, 1996. Speak Rapanui! jHable Rapanui! La Lengua de Isla de Pascua. Softbound, 133 pages. Easter Island Foundation, ISBN 1-880636-03-4, $12. Order from Easter Island Foundation, 666 Dead Cat Alley, Woodland CA 95695, USA.

    Review by Steven Roger Fischer

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    News and Notes
    ( 1996-01-01)

    International News

    What's New in Polynesia

    What's New In Hanga Roa

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    A fish (ika) tablet with hieroglyphic writing from Isla de Pascua discovered in Madrid
    ( 1996-01-01) Blanco, Francisco Mellen

    Several years ago a member of the Chilean Embassy staff III Spain contacted an individual who possessed a small collection of wood carvings from Easter Island. Among these was a fish-shaped tablet whose history follows.

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    The Role of Biological Anthropology in Easter Island Research
    ( 1996-01-01) Chapman, Patrick M.

    Given the intense archaeological study of Easter Island over the past forty years, it is surprising that very little research has been conducted on the biological aspects of the prehistoric Rapanui. The lack of research is doubly surprising since the origins of the Rapanui have been debated since the earliest archaeologists visited the island. However, thanks to the large database assembled by George W. Gill and associates at the University of Wyoming as well as recent mtDNA research conducted by Erika Hagelberg, the field of biological anthropology is beginning to take a more prominent position in Easter Island research. This paper reviews previous bioanthropological studies and explores some current research directions.