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    Geothermal noise level guidelines
    (Planning Department, County of Hawaii, 1981-05-07) Planning Department, County of Hawaii
    "In light of these responsibilities and the numerous noise related complaints received from residents of the Puna District concerning certain geothermal drilling operations, the Planning Department has developed the following guidelines to determine acceptable noise levels for both geothermal exploration and production. These noise levels are intended to provide the Planning Director with the necessary guidance to review and assess geothermal operations on a case specific basis to determine whether a noise nuisance exists or not. Based on this review, should the Planning Director find that the acceptable noise levels are being exceeded and that the residents are being significantly adversely impacted by that noise, he can invoke more stringent noise mitigative procedures and/or mitigative devices or cease further geothermal activity in accordance with the appropriate provisions of the special permits."
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    Geothermal mission to California : a report to the Governor's Advisory Board on the Underwater Cable Transmission Project
    (County of Hawaii, 1988-07-29) County of Hawaii
    "This is a report to the Governor's Advisory Board on the Underwater Cable Transmission Project summarizing the results of a series of meetings with business and government leaders involved in geothermal energy development in California and Nevada. A major purpose of the trip to California was to talk to business and government officials involved in the development of geothermal energy and to acquaint them with the potential for developing geothermal energy in Hawaii. We also went to learn how geothermal development is managed by various government agencies, utilities and developers in California with the aim of using this information to help us develop our own master plan for development in Hawaii."
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    Response of the HGP-A development group to the County of Hawaii Planning Department regarding issues relating to Special Permit no. 392
    (HGP-A Development Group, 1982-05) Kono, Hideto ; Shupe, John W. ; Kearns, H Stuart
    Contents: Response to the complaints to concerns of residents -- Steam plumes crossing the road next to the rock muffler -- The monitoring program near the HGP-A well -- The perception of health problems -- The terms of Special Permit no. 392
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    Wells in lower Puna
    (Hawaii County Geothermal Direct Use Working Group, 2005-07) Hawaii County Geothermal Direct Use Working Group
    1 map : color
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    Geothermal public health assessment : findings & recommendations
    (Geothermal Public Health Assessment Study Group, 2013-09-09) Adler, Peter S.
    "Hawai‘i Island Mayor William Kenoi asked Peter S. Adler, PhD of ACCORD3.0 if he would organize an independent “joint fact finding” Study Group that would examine the type and extent of health impacts from Hawai‘i Island geothermal operations. Hawai‘i County Council members had shown interest in such an effort, and the Mayor expressed his own belief that public officials, regulators, and residents must consider the health risks that may be associated with geothermal energy production. The specific aims of the project were to: 1 List the public health questions pertinent to the production of geothermal energy in the Puna region; 2 Create a reliable inventory of existing studies that addresses those public health concerns and that could serve as references for decision-makers; and 3 Recommend the priorities and preferred methodologies for future scientific and monitoring studies that may be required or that can best assist the County and the Windward Planning Commission to make informed decisions that protect the long term health of the community."
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    Geothermal Working Group report : evaluating geothermal energy as the primary resource for baseload power in the County of Hawaii
    (Geothermal Working Group, County of Hawaii, 2012-01) Geothermal Working Group, County of Hawaii
    "SCR 99 established the Geothermal Working Group to evaluate geothermal energy as the primary source of baseload power for electricity in the County of Hawaii. An analysis of technical data and of expert testimony provides convincing rationale to develop local renewable energy plants and transition away from the county's dependence on petroleum-fueled generators for baseload electricity. Each stage of development must consider public safety and environmental concerns. Funding for research is required to ensure that the transition never harms people, property, or wildlife and that a robust and reliable supply of energy is always available. It is critically important to the welfare of all Hawaii residents that we begin to develop local energy immediately. The Geothermal Working Group's principal findings: - Geothermal is a renewable resource indigenous to the island of Hawaii that is dissociated from the price volatility of petroleum fuels. - Geothermal can be a key component in a diversified energy portfolio for Hawaii County, both for the electrical grid and for transportation. - In Hawaii, geothermal is a firm-energy resource at lower cost than fossil fuel. - Developing multiple geothermal plants is the most prudent approach. - Geothermal has the potential to supply baseload electricity; long term reliability and the ability to supply grid management services (currently supplied by conventional fossil-fueled power plants) must be demonstrated in order to consider geothermal as the primary energy resource. - With geothermal power plants, agricultural fertilizers, hydrogen, oxygen, and business-enterprise power can be produced for off-peak rates during the hours of curtailed electrical demand."
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    Geothermal resource permit application (GRP 87-1) : Puna Geothermal Venture -- 25 MW (net) development, Kapoho, Hawaii
    (Planning Commission, County of Hawaii, 1989-10-03) Mizuno, Gary
    Tax map key: No. 1-4-01 parcels 2, 3, 19, and 58.
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    Geothermal exploratory mission to Japan : a report to the Governor's Advisory Board on the Underwater Cable Transmission Project
    (County of Hawaii, 1987) County of Hawaii
    "This is a report to the Governor's Advisory Board on the Underwater Cable Transmission Project summarizing the results of a geothermal exploratory mission made to Japan. The purpose of the mission was to acquaint cable and field developers and financial institutions in Japan with the potential for developing geothermal energy in Hawaii. Our message was brief and to the point: We are serious about developing our geothermal resource, and we are seeking potential developers and financing to help us develop that resource. The response by the Japanese companies we talked with was enthusiastic and heartening. Several of the companies we talked to expressed strong interest in the project and have made further contacts with us since our return from Japan. Because of the enthusiastic response we received, we are also making recommendations to the cable commission for further action to expedite as quickly as possible the development of our geothermal resource."
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    Kau district zone map
    (Planning Commission, County of Hawaii, 1967-01) Planning Commission, County of Hawaii
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    Rule 12 : Geothermal resource permits
    (Planning Commission, County of Hawaii, 1988-01)
    Contents: Purpose and Authority, Definitions, Contents of Application, Properly Filed Application, Hearing and Notification, Mediation, Criteria for Issuance of Geothermal Resource Permit, Action, Requirement Prior to Initiating Construction, Amendments of Permit and Conditions, Enforcement of Permit and Conditions, Penalty, Appeals, Severability