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    Notes on Luma, a Southern Ngwi Language in Laos
    ( 2023) Lew, Sigrid
    This paper provides a geographic, ethnographic, and linguistic background on Luma, a lesser-known language belonging to the Akoid subgroup of Southern Lolo/Ngwi in Phongsaly Province, Lao PDR. Luma has two dialects, Luma Eushi /əsʲi/ and Luma Proper, which is also called Luma Pala. Suggestions for further research on phonology, grammar, historical-comparative studies and classification are included.
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    A Study of Intonation Patterns in Khasi: Labeling and Analysis
    ( 2023) Rynjah, Rymphang K. ; Lyngdoh, Saralin A.
    This paper aims to analyze the intonation patterns found in Khasi, an Austroasiatic language spoken in north-eastern India. The study focuses on the use of pitch and how it correlates with meaning. The main objective of this paper is to use a Rhythm and Pitch labeling (RaP) system to annotate the data collected from native speakers of Khasi, identify pitch contours, and assign labels based on the overall shape of the pitch curve. The annotated data will be analyzed to identify specific patterns and trends in the intonation of Khasi. The research examines the intonation patterns that highlight stressed syllables and that delineate the boundaries of syntactic units. Despite the potential significance of this topic, there has been limited research conducted in this area. This research contributes to our understanding of the intonation patterns of Khasi and will be useful for linguists, phoneticians, and language teachers.
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    In Memoriam: Amara Prasithrathsint (1946-2023)
    ( 2023-10-13) Kullavanijaya, Pranee
    This is an "In Memoriam" for Amara Prasithrathsint (1946-2023).
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    In Memoriam: Gérard Diffloth (1939-2023)
    ( 2023-10-13) Badenoch, Nathan
    This is an "In Memoriam" for Gérard Diffloth (1939-2023).