Issues in Austronesian Historical Linguistics

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    Issues in Austronesian Historical Linguistics
    ( 2017-06-08) Liao, Hsiu-chuan ; Kimoto, Yukinori ; Reid, Lawrence A. ; Smith, Alexander D. ; Ross, Malcolm ; Walworth, Mary
    This is a collection of five select articles on Austronesian historical linguistics from the 13-ICAL (International Conference on Austronesian Linguistics) in Taipei in 2015. The papers include "Mora, Vowel Length, and Diachrony: the Case of Arta, a Philippine Negrito Language" by Yukinori Kimoto, "Re-evaluating the Position of Iraya among Philippine Languages" by Lawrence A. Reid, "Reconstructing Proto Kenyah Pronouns and the Development of a True Five Number System" by Alexander D. Smith, "Linguistic Evidence for Prehistory: Oceanic Examples" by Malcolm Ross and "Classifying Old Rapa: Linguistic Evidence for Contact Networks in Southeast Polynesia" by Mary Walworth.