Rapa Nui Journal Volume 5 Issues 1-4

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    Rapa Nui Journal 5#4, Winter 1991
    ( 1991-01-01)


    Lost Islands Cruise by Georgia Lee

    Has the British Museum a "stolen friend" from Rapa Nui? by Steven Roger Fischer, Ph.D.


    Easter Island Foundation News

    Tonga's Trilithon: A calendric device to mark the seasons? by Jeffrey Dhyne

    Petroglyphs inside Orongo's houses, Easter Island by Robert R. Koll

    Radiocarbon Dates from Site 10-241, Easter Island by Christopher M. Stevenson, Ph.D.

    What's New in Polynesia

    He Parau 'Api

    Preservation Project: Easter Island by Dr. A. Elena Charola

    Some thoughts on Rapa Nui tourism and its impact on the island's cultural heritage by R. Morales Montero

    Tiki lights by Marcia Opal

    Hotu Matu'a: What's in the name? by W. Wilfried Schuhmacher

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    Rapa Nui Journal 5#3, Autumn 1991
    ( 1991-01-01)


    The Destruction of Tongariki by Emily Ross Mulloy

    Contemplate the Navel of the World (part 2) by William Mulloy


    What's New in Hangaroa

    What's New in Polynesia

    Easter Island Foundation News

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    Rapa Nui Journal 5#2, Summer 1991
    ( 1991-01-01)


    Contemplate The Navel of the World by William Mulloy

    Nicknames and What they Mean by Grant McCall

    Astronomical Orientations in Polynesia by William Liller, Ph.D.

    24 Years of Tourism on Easter Island by Hanns Ebensten

    Rapa Nui at the Ploynesian Cultural Center

    Podra sobrevivir el idioma Rapa Nui? by Roberto Weber and Nancy Thiesen de Weber

    What's New in Hangaroa

    Conservacion Y Clima Social by Rodemil Morales Montero

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    Rapa Nui Journal 5#1, Spring 1991
    ( 1991-01-01)

    Content of issue:

    New Archaeoastronomical Results from Rapa Nui by William Liller, Ph.D.

    Rapanui Group Photo Dated August 1873 by Steven Roger Fischer, Ph.D.

    Motu Nui Revisited

    Easter Island Foundation News

    What's New in Hangaroa

    Tapati Rapa Nui

    Rapa Nui and the Polynesian Cultural Center