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    Book Notice: A Grammar Of Papuan Malay
    ( 2017-12-01)
    This is a book notice for "A Grammar of Papuan Malay" (2017) by Angela Kluge.
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    Review of Tone in Yongning Na: Lexical Tones and Morphotonology by Alexis Michaud
    ( 2017-12-01) Alves, Mark
    This is a review of the book "Tone in Yongning Na: Lexical Tones and Morphotonology" (2017) by Alexis Michaud.
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    Notes on Northern Katang Kinship and Society
    ( 2017-12-01) Miller, Carolyn
    The patrilineal clan system is still very strong in Katang society in southern Laos. This affects how a person relates to and addresses both his father's and mother's kin groups. It also is important in choosing a marriage partner. This paper provides a listing of the common kinship terms in Katang. Ritual and authority are also an important part of village life, and affect property ownership and work relationships. This article discusses some of these features of Katang society and those who provide leadership at both clan and village level.
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    On the Linguistic Affiliation of 'Tai Loi'
    ( 2017-12-01) Hall, Elizabeth
    This short investigation of languages referred to as Tai Loi shows that at least seven different languages from three Palaungic subgroups are referred to by this exonym. Simply meaning ‘mountaineers’, Tai Loi appears to denote Buddhist speakers as a sociopolitical identity rather than a linguistic one. As a linguistic designation, it may lead to confusion and should therefore be avoided. Since ISO 639 forms a part of the language tags distinguishing dialectal, regional and script variation in languages, there is the potential for even broader confusion.
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    Sources of Written Burmese –ac and related questions in Burmese historical phonology
    ( 2017-12-01) Yanson, Rudolph
    This is a response to issues in the article “Proto-Lolo-Burmese and Old Burmese Sources of Written Burmese”, a recent English translation of an article by Yoshio Nishi published originally in 1974.
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    Old Burmese ry- – a Remark on Proto-Lolo-Burmese Resonant Initials
    ( 2017-12-01) Nishi, Yoshio
    Philological evidence and comparative phonology confirm the existence of an initial ry- in Old Burmese and Proto-Lolo-Burmese, evidence that is over looked in much scholarship (e.g. Matisoff 1979, 1991, etc.).