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Dr. Mara Mulrooney, Easter Island Foundation
Dr. Jillian Swift, Society for Hawaiian Archaeology

The Journal of Polynesian Archaeology and Research is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal co-sponsored by the Easter Island Foundation (EIF) and the Society for Hawaiian Archaeology (SHA). This journal serves as a forum to bring together important research and conversations around archaeology, history, and heritage management in Polynesia, and aims to align several shared goals of the EIF and SHA, which include:

  • Encouraging research and dialogue about Polynesian archaeology, historic preservation, and public outreach among researchers, heritage professionals, and other stakeholders
  • Encouraging public education and appreciation of the aims and limitations of archaeological research, particularly through ethical archaeological practices and collaborative work with communities
  • Advocating for and assisting with the preservation, interpretation, and respectful treatment of archaeological sites and material culture

The editors will review manuscripts submitted through the journal’s submission system, Inquiries should be sent via e-mail to the Journal of Polynesian Archaeology and Research editors at

The Journal of Polynesian Archaeology and Research replaces two journals, Hawaiian Archaeology (published by SHA) and Rapa Nui Journal (published by UH Press in collaboration with the EIF). These journal archives are also freely available on eVols:
Hawaiian Archaeology
Rapa Nui Journal

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