Rapanui Wicker Figures and their Names

dc.contributor.author Fedorova, Irina K.
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dc.description.abstract <p>We know from different sources that small human figures in bark-cloth as well as large wicker figures were used in ancient times on Easter Island. There are now only three bark-cloth images in two museums of the world--Boston and Belfast. Their ancient name is forgotten by the Rapanui. Of the large wicker figures, none survive and we know them only from descriptions made by voyagers and scientists. These two types of anthropomorphic figures are very interesting, not only as art objects, but also as attributes of the ritual practices of the Easter Islanders. Some features of the small bark-cloth figures are described in early publications and reports, including one by the author of this article.</p>
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dc.title Rapanui Wicker Figures and their Names
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