Numeral Classifiers in Tai Lue (Xishuangbanna) Phillips, Audra Hanna, William J. 2019-09-12T22:05:18Z 2019-09-12T22:05:18Z 2019-09-27
dc.description.abstract The Tai Lue language has a complex numeral classifier system in common with other Southeast Asian languages. Using data from a 344,000-word corpus of Tai Lue texts, this paper catalogues Tai Lue numeral classifiers and the constructions in which they occur. Like Standard Thai and Lao, the general inanimate classifier an⁴ and the animal classifier too¹ can substitute for specific classifiers, including classifiers for humans, when they host a demonstrative, adjective, or relative clause. Moreover, the human classifier, pʰuu³, occurs almost exclusively in these descriptive constructions.
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dc.subject Tai Lue
dc.subject Southwestern Tai
dc.subject Kam-Tai
dc.subject numeral classifiers
dc.subject classifier constructions
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dc.subject.languagecode tha
dc.subject.languagecode lao
dc.title Numeral Classifiers in Tai Lue (Xishuangbanna)
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prism.publicationname Journal of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society
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