Two-part Negation in Yang Zhuang Jackson, Eric 2019-02-26T22:24:26Z 2019-02-26T22:24:26Z 2019-02-20
dc.description.abstract The negation system of Yang Zhuang includes two standard negators and an aspectual negator, all of which occur before the verb; the negator meiz nearly always co-occurs with a clause-final particle nauq, which can also stand as a single-word negative response to a question. Although it is tempting to analyze nauq with a meaning beyond simply negation, this is difficult to do synchronically. Comparison with neighboring Tai languages suggests that this construction represents one stage in Jespersen's Cycle, whereby a negator is augmented with a second element, after which the second element becomes associated with negation; this element subsequently replaces the historical negator. A Jespersen's Cycle analysis also explains the occurrence of nauq as a preverbal negator in some neighboring Zhuang languages.
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dc.subject Jespersen Cycle
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dc.title Two-part Negation in Yang Zhuang
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