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    Zen and the Art of Flowcharts
    ( 2015-12-04) Kershaw, Mariko
    We all have procedures that we've been meaning to write up, but just have never gotten around to doing. It takes too long and is too complicated. However, we know that it is important to capture this institutional memory. Join me at this session and I will share the "zen teachings" I gained from attending the ACRL 2015 workshop, "Library Orienteering: Lean Into Process Mapping." I will also explain how I implemented what I learned at my library, so that you, too, can master the art of flowcharts.
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    Vision Meets Reality: The Leeward Community College Learning Commons Three Years On
    ( 2015-12-04) Oshiro, Wayde ; Hayashi, Junie ; Long, Keahiahi ; Chernisky, Carina
    Learning commons are adaptive spaces that support and promote collaborative learning in an academic setting. In 2012 Leeward Community College opened a learning commons in what was the Library’s main floor. The renovated space includes Library circulation services, a Learning Resource Center, a Writing Center, computer workstations, and a KiMO BEAN café. Learn about our successes as the renovated floor was transformed into a popular campus hub. The Leeward CC Learning Commons is recognized as a dynamic and integral part of the Leeward campus albeit one that is still experiencing growing pains. Our 3rd year begins on a positive note with the adaptive reuse of an existing space into a new Hawai'i Pacific Resource Room. Find out what happens next.
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    Unlocking the Treasure Chest! Finding and Using Primary Resources from the Library of Congress
    ( 2015-12-05) Louis, Patricia
    Think you know the difference between primary and secondary sources? Think again! Come and join us as we examine some of the resources that can be found at the Library of Congress. Get some tops on how to navigate the online website to find the resources you need as well as ideas for teaching and using the vast resources from our national library with your students and patrons.
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    So Much Social Media, So Little Time: Using Social Media Strategically to Build Community
    ( 2015-12-04) Brookbank, Elizabeth
    Libraries of all types are increasingly using social media to reach the communities they serve – whether that is the public, company employees, or students at a k-12 school or a university. While social media can be useful in making the library more visible to these communities if used strategically, it is a technology that is in a constant state of evolution and reinvention. So how do libraries keep up? More than that, how do they leverage this online technology to build a greater sense of community in their real life populations? This session will explore all these questions and more.
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    Sinclair Library’s 2nd-Floor Project: Adventures in Collaborative Collection Assessment
    ( 2015-12-04) Thoulag, Jean ; Fisher, Katherine
    Do you need to conduct a collection assessment and weeding project in order to create more open space? Come learn how the Sinclair Library 2nd-Floor Collection Assessment Project gathered data and created a climate of collaboration to address this challenge. We worked across several departments, with subject specialist librarians and staff in two UH Manoa libraries, to meet our goal of inventorying and assessing approximately 32,000 linear feet of journals and serials. We will share tips about the management plan, data documentation tools, and communication strategies we used to survey 17,000 titles and withdraw more than 3,500.
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    Simple Steps to Improve Website Accessibility
    ( 2015-12-04) Toyama, Ralph
    Learn several easy techniques for making your website more accessible to people with disabilities. Learn about invisible features you can add to a web page to make it easier for people using screen-reading systems to navigate and understand. See how you can add closed captions to your YouTube videos. Web authoring skills are helpful, but not necessary for this session.
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    Nurturing Learning: School-Business Partnerships
    ( 2015-12-05) Amano, Imelda ; Fujimoto, Evan
    How can educators and local businesses come together to foster a climate of collaboration? Get some pointers on: (1) how to seek businesses to design lessons for learning (2) sample products from school-business partnerships (3) do an actual school-business proposal.
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    Making Connections for Networking and Outreach
    ( 2015-12-05) Kamiya, Jan
    As a librarian at one of the busiest public libraries in Honolulu, Jan will share her experiences and tips with networking, community outreach, advocacy, creating and maintaining positive partnerships, and sharing with colleagues. Because many of these concepts overlap in practice, it is all the more important to take full advantage of opportunities when they present themselves. At best, making these connections can benefit overall promotion of library services while contributing to a richer, more rewarding library career.
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    Laying the Foundation: Building a Collaborative OER Community at the University of Hawaii
    ( 2015-12-04) Rutter, Sara ; Oshiro, Wayde ; Riseley, Leanne ; Hayashi, Junie ; Pai, Sunny
    Open Educational Resources are learning materials in the public domain or under an intellectual property license allowing free use and adaptation by others. OER is reducing the barriers to education across the U.S. In 2014 five librarians from three University of Hawaii campuses joined forces to support OER adoption throughout the University of Hawaii System. Quickly expanding the team to include instructional designers and other librarians, today 8 campuses are involved. Learn how this community developed and find out about our accomplishments to date. Join the discussion and discover the important role of academic libraries in this growing movement.
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    It's Not Magic, It's Augmented Reality!
    ( 2015-12-05) Louis, Patricia
    Augmented reality is one of the hottest technology trends to hit education in recent years. It literally takes images and makes them and the layers of information hidden in it come alive when accessed with a mobile device. This session will showcase the latest educational augmented reality apps and share examples of how they can be used with students. Apps using pre-made and student made triggers will be shared. Bring your mobile device and be prepared to be amazed!
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