Hawaiian Archaeology

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Hawaiian Archaeology was the official, peer-reviewed journal of the Society for Hawaiian Archaeology (SHA). From 1984 to 2021, SHA published a total of 15 volumes of the journal, as well as four special publications. Following the publication of Volume 15 (2021), SHA and the Easter Island Foundation (publishers of the Rapa Nui Journal) decided to combine their flagship journals into a single, open-access journal, the Journal of Polynesian Archaeology and Research (JPAR).

The journal was established to further SHA’s mission of promoting and stimulating interest and research in the archaeology of the Hawaiian Islands. It has long served as an invaluable forum for debate and discussion of archaeological practices in Hawai‘i, and for showcasing archaeological research by academics, emerging scholars and activists, and cultural resource management professionals.

All past issues of Hawaiian Archaeology, as well as the four SHA special publications, are available open access via eVols.